Thursday, December 8, 2016

Fire and Ice

     After waiting nearly a candle in the cozy confines of the Druid sanctuary, the Woag lookout returns with news. The Draci have noticed the melting ice around the Great Gwah. By the amount of arguing and milling about, it appears that Chief Corgall and his men have little idea how to fix the problem, which is welcome tidings.

     The party makes preparations for heading to the hometree. Shortly thereafter they hear the booming horns of the Draci echoing out of the tangle. Again, Bwub confirms that this is the signal to bring in the Draci patrols from the surrounding areas, and will eventually summon General Shard.

     When they stow Snap's blind for carrying, and head out, they have one or two close calls with groups of Draci warriors, but thanks to the Ranger's expertise, they are able to remain hidden, coming at last to the screen of heavy ferns and foliage on the east side of the Spring, nearest the frozen block.

     When the Draci send in four lizardmen with ice throwing contraptions, the crew decide to act. They draw beads with rifles and Falco sneaks close enough to float a Shard grenade into the midst of the ice throwers. When he is eventually spotted in the open water, he detonates the grenade, causing a catastrophic (for the Draci) chain of detonations, as first the grenade, then the tanks on their backs, then the ice bombs at their belts all explode, outright killing, or completely ensnaring six of the Draci in a few, loud, destructive moments.

     From that point, a running and well executed melee and firefight begins. Important highlights include being able to swim in armor, well aimed firearm shots from the cover of the trees, equally impressive eldritch bolts from Luther, the death of a Woag at the hands of a Draci berserker and the taking of the lower dockway.

     When a second wave of Draci come from down the hometree stairs, and from the water around the ice, Cawyn lets loose with a barrage of lightning and Harrick goes toe to toe with five Draci, intent on keeping him from freeing the Great Gwah with his flamesword.

     Though Harrick takes damage, he is able to plunge the firesword deep into the ice, causing it to eventually break open and free the giant, toad-shaped elemental. Though Cawyn is struck with a blast from the Draci ice throwers, he, Falco, Calder and the woags are able to clear the second wave from the stairwell. Snap, Boggs and McFall eventually cease firing and make for the docks, in some cases requiring roped aid to make the swim.

     Another Horn cry and the sound of chopping from above precedes a large section of the stairs crashing to the water. Harrick dives deep in search of his sword, and has trouble returning to the surface with it. The Great Gwah swallows a couple Draci. Bwub then speaks to the protector, causing it to start climbing the tree.

     As we prepare to rejoin the battle, Bwub has gone to the aid of Harrick, who is doggedly trying the break the surface in chainmail. Cawyn has a precarious hold on the Great Gwah's semi-solid form and the rest of the crew are making their way up what remains of the stairs, towards whatever enemy forces remain above. It has been a well fought battle so far.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Diversions and Sabotage

    ​As the group awaits the return of the mysterious Woag tribesmen, Cawyn is able to work enough healing magic to bring Falco back to health and consciousness. There’s little time for talk before Gid-Gid returns with three other Woag. They are all dressed similarly, with simple leather armor, coarse brown and green woven mantles and shirts, with bone and wood ornaments sewn into both. Standing just under four feet tall, their large frog eyes are of red and gold and blink separately from each other, with two lids each. They carry four foot staves of hardened wood; A sharpened point on one side, and hollowed through the middle.

     One is slightly shorter and stockier than the others with deep tribal scarring along his nose ridge. He steps up and speaks, first in the Woag language, and then in Undercommon, which Luther is able to speak. He introduces himself as Bwub. After learning that the party is searching for Bishop Doyle, he relates the following:

1. Shaman Doyle and the Woag leader, Shaman Duwalah-Bwa were on friendly terms.
2. Doyle was taken prisoner by the Draci leader, General Shard, many months ago. This attack was witnessed by several Woag tribesmen.
3. Three moons ago, the Woag Hometree was attacked and many Woag were slain. The Woag protector, Great Gwah, was imprisoned in ice, with the combined magic of General Shard and his minions. Duwalah-Bwa was taken prisoner. The remaining Woag, with the exception of the four present, were enslaved and forced to build and work the Fire oil mining operation.
4. The great bellied Flying beast comes occasionally to be fed the Fire Oil.
5. General Shard and his Wyvern riders do not reside in the Hometree, but they have been around more lately, overseeing the manhunt for the party.
6. The Draci leader is a hulking brute of a Lizardman named Corgal. He oversees the mining operation from the Woag hall, which he has converted into his residence.

     Bwub explains that the water is too cold for the Woag. He and his tribesmen reside in a small hot spring in the tangle, as yet undetected by the Draci.

     The party discusses their options. Luther and Falco agree to help with the mission, indebted for their rescue and eager to get out of the murk. Bwub agrees to aid them as well, seeing no other hope for his people.

The plan
Stage One: Sabotage the Freeze Engines.

     Bwub insists that the Great Gwah is a powerful being. The party agrees that freeing the creature should be the first effort. Not only will it be invaluable in combat, but seeing it freed will embolden the Woag to throw off their shackles and fight the Draci. As such, the party will split in two. Harrick, Luther, Snap, Boggs and McFall will go to a spot west of the Hometree where they will camouflage themselves and prepare a diversion. Calder, Falco, Cawyn and the Woag will go just East of the Hometree, near the Iceberg prison.

     When enough time has passed for them to reach their position, Luther will create the illusionary sound of a huge Crog roaring and thashing about in anger. When the Draci come to investigate, Calder and Falco will swim to the ice and see about either quietly disabling the engines, or setting them to destruct by using some of Falco's Shard grenades.

The Execution
     They all travel together to the Diversion site, bringing along the floating log screen Snap has been working on, which is slow going. Snap sets up the blind and all agree he's done an amazing job. They sink into the water, nearly submerged, to avoid the chance of early detection. The water proves very cold, but they endure.

     Now "Frog Team One" departs on their leg. They move carefully and quietly into position, making excellent time. From the screen of the heavy foliage, Calder is able to use his spyglass to get a better look at the engines. He determines that he should be able to disable the cold runes on the devices, causing them to appear to all outward perceptions to still be running, without actually working.

     Now Luther casts his spell and a roar echoes through the tangle. Not a perfect Crog, but alarming enough for all that. It certainly gets the attention of the Draci. Calder and Falco give them a minute to respond before slipping into the water and swimming quietly to the ice. The Woag move into the water too, acting as lookouts. Cawyn waits in the screen of brush, ready with spells should things turn bad.

    Calder and Falco use daggers to climb the ice. Inspecting the first engine, Calder attempts to disable the runes and is successful, as a zapf and hiss of steam mark the deed. They move onto the next one.

     Meanwhile, the Draci arrive at the diversion site. Most are spread out through the nearby tangle, but one is less than twenty feet from the blind. By this point, everyone except Harrick (who seems rather immune for some reason) is shivering with the cold. There's a tense few moments as the Draci warrior scans the area, sniffing carefully, but the group goes undetected and the Draci departs in search of the phantom crog.

     Back at the Iceberg prison, Calder is working on the second machine when a group of Draci run down the stairs above. Both men hide as best they can and remain unseen. When Calder starts on the third machine, one of Bwub's Woags pops up and warns them of a draci approaching beneath the water. Again they hide, but the Draci pops up nearby and spots the Woag. He dives away and the Draci goes after him, giving the two men a few moments to finish their work and slip back to the relative safety of the tangle.

     When all seems clear back at the diversion site, the group makes their way to the Frog Team. When Luther and Boggs take a tumble and loud splash, they nearly get caught, but Luther's quick use of another illusion, this time of diminishing splashes leading away, throws off the Draci long enough for them to make their escape.

     Everyone eventually meets up and makes their way back to the Druid Shelter. Calder believes the ice will take somewhere between two and five hours to melt. Bwub's missing Woag hasn't returned. In the meantime, they start a small fire, get dry and eat something, preparing for the fight ahead.

XP Gained: 1000

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Cats and Frogs

     Having just settled on a plan, the group is ready to split up; Cawyn to perform rat recon, and the others to build a camouflaged log float, when they spy a creature in the tangle, staring at them with green glowing eyes. It hangs from the trunk of a tree and leaps forward into the light. Everyone sees the mossy, fur covered mix of hunting cat and living plant. Cawyn immediately recognizes a spirit of The Huntress.

     After only the briefest of debates, they choose to follow the creature when it leads them further into the tangle and eventually to a dense bunch of vines and trees. They come through a narrow entrance and into a living cave of woven vine walls, smooth limbed branches and soft green ferns. The Greencat waits there in the dark. When they strike the lanterns they can see that many of the wooden pillars and plants are actually in the shape of Draci. Some still have clubs raised above their heads and are easily distinguishable. Others can hardly be recognized, having mostly grown into the walls or turned into sprouting, many limbed supports for the chamber.

     Near the cat are two Neran figures of the newer, wooden variety. In each of their chests is a green glowing gem-like globe. In what is becoming his standard practice, Cawyn invokes the Huntress' rite, and speaks to the cat. He learns that the creature was once a servant of another Druid that lived here, but that Master has been gone for months. It has been the creature's charge to protect this cave, first from the Draci that came snooping, then from the foolish Nerans that came recently.

     Seeing that Cawyn is interested in the Nerans, the cat explains that they can be freed by removing the gems. Harrick does so. The gems dissolve and the two figures turn from wood to flesh. One is unconscious and wounded, while the other is exhausted, but able to answer questions and explain their presence.

The Introduction of Falco and Luther (Days ago)

     While exploring the murk’s edges you were attacked by a group of very aggressive Draaci Wyvern riders, lead by a Kaaj Sorcerer on an enormous frost wyvern. Your keelstone was ripped away and the Captain and many of your crewmates were killed when your Pyromite stores exploded. The ship was engulfed in flame and began an uncontrolled ascent. With little choice, you and three others made a quick decision to jump, trusting to Luther’s Featherfall spell. You landed in the icy bog, far from shelter, alive, but wet and cold and without supplies.

      The first night, you were attacked by a large Crog that killed Sorinsen, the first of your crewmates. You made your way to a nearby Island of tangled trees where the waters were a little warmer, but you were all suffering from exposure. Those with the gift could sense that it was a nexus point; an elemental place of power. Finding your way into a dry, sheltered area you were just thawing out when a creature made of living plants and looking like a small hunting cat attacked you. It killed Kaitlin, your other crewmate and wounded Falco. Unarmed and exhausted, you were easy prey for it’s mesmerizing second set of green glowing eyes.

      They were the last thing you remember.

     After Luther explains their circumstance, the group decides to let him stay and help. They work on bandaging up Falco, while Cawyn heads out to begin scouting. The cat remains there, quiet and watchful.
On Caywen's mission he finds the following:

1. The buildings near the hot spring contain generators providing arc power to the crane over the spring, and to the large block of ice on the other side of the Woag's Hometree. The conduits running to the ice are iron.

2. The Woag's and their Draci slavers are mining an oily liquid from the hot spring. From the spring, the liquid is placed in small barrels and stored in one of the two buildings. There is a large trapdoor in the top of the building that suggests the cargo might be airlifted out, by Wyvern or Airship?

3. There is more activity in the tree above. Obviously more Draci and probably more Woags. No Wyverns are heard.

     Further investigation is stalled when a large mouthed fish eats Rat-Cawyn, forcing him back into his Durin form. He manages to swim away undetected with one more unpleasant totem-shaped experience. On the way back, he glimpses a figure high in the canopy of the Tangle. A hidden figure following him?

     Back at the Druid shelter, he conveys what he's learned. Calder confirms the identity of the oil, claiming it to be Flame Oil, an elemental ingredient to the manufacture of Pyromite. Valuable and flammable in its own right (as the name would suggest) but lacking the explosive combustibility of refined pyromite.

     Once more they spy eyes watching them from the shadowy water nearby. Luther is able to determine the creature's mind to be intelligent. Moreover, it appears frightened, curious and hopeful. They carefully hail the creature, trying to show it they mean no harm. Eventually it comes forward, revealing itself to be a Woag clad in light leather armor and carrying a four foot spear/blowgun. Though no one speaks the Woag tongue, it does know enough Draconic to communicate. His name is Gid Gid, a hunter of the Woag tribe that escaped the enslavement of his people.

     He offers to bring more of his clansmen to the Druid shelter, and the group agrees, hoping the alliance will make their next move easier. They watch as three giant leaps takes Gid Gid away into the foliage above.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

To Ground in the Snow.

     At first Harrick thinks to the take the battle outside, but the quick realization that they are far outnumbered, and that the mysterious Dragonborn sorcerer is present, changes his mind. While Cawyn's eagles manage to inconvenience the wyvern for a few moments, they are efficiently dispatched and the wyvern lands with a powerful beat of leather wings. One or two Draci are brought down before the group is forced backward into the house.

      This proves to be only momentary safety. Snap is brought low by a rush of Draci warriors in the back of the mission. The General calls down a hellish ice storm within the mission house, catching most of the group in it's painful path. As the Wyvern gets set to follow up the magical attack, Harrick wearily shuts and bars the door, for what little good it will do.

      As the others continue to hold the back door against the Draci, the General calls out above the throng. In heavily accented common he gives the group an ultimatum: "Lay down your arms and come out of the building with your hands raised. This is your one and only chance to survive this day!"

      The group takes a moment to consider their chances, deciding to fight rather than surrender. As the door bows with the heavy blows of an enraged wyvern, Sorsha emerges from her hole, staggering forward. "You cannot die here! I will give you the opportunity to escape. When the doors open, close your eyes and block your ears. With luck, I will catch them all."

     Harrick argues that she will be killed, but Sorsha insists, claiming she may well hide if the Gods are with her and cutting off any further protest by lifting her voice in a defiant Syvani song. When the doors break a crescent rainbow of dazzling energy arches above her. The party quickly covers their eyes and ears as the enemy is momentarily stunned into immobility. When Harrick thinks to resume the killing, Sorsha warns him such action will break the effect. With heavy hearts they gather themselves and escape through the back, taking a few seconds to dispatch the Draci there before disappearing into the woods and down the hill toward their canoes.

      They are met near their boats by a small fox who quickly transforms into the Lady Sariah. The Witch promises to help them escape, but seems to be suffering from some unknown illness herself. She explains that "Grandfather will take you to safety," motioning to a huge Crog waiting in the waterway. Though Calder notices something off about Sariah, they have little choice but to follow her commands. As they allow the giant Crog to pull their canoes into the fog and snow, they ask Sariah to help Sorsha if she can.

      A half candle's fast travel finds them somewhere to the south of the Mission. As the Crog departs, they huddle on a small, treed island, once more lying low, in hopes of eluding pursuit. The snow continues to fall thickly, and the heavy fog covers them like a blanket.

      As the hours tick by, it appears the group has made their escape.Throughout the day the weather continues to worsen, quickly turning into a heavy snowstorm that covers their already well hidden camp. They see to Snap's head wound, with Cawyn taking the time, and the last of his magical energies to properly heal the wound, and prepare for a long rest. In that time, Calder attempts to make crystal comm contact with Mudton Flats, but fails. He does manage to pick up a broken comm signal from some other nearby Crystal set, catching the words, "-torm is blinding us. Call your men back to the camp. We will continue the search whe-" before the signal is lost. The voice isn't recognizable as that of the Dragonborn, and sounds like a man with an Argosian accent.

      They stay put throughout the remainder of the day and night. When the weather finally breaks, Calder attempts another crystal transmission. He's able to get through to Sharpe in Mudton Flats and reports their progress. Sharpe reports that he's having doubts about the Woag attack, and thinks the agression may have come from the Neran side. Cawyn attempts to question the fish, but without much luck. They decide to try for the Woag camp.

      It takes them awhile, but Cawyn is able to retrace the bird's path, eventually finding the great Tangle. Unlike the Bloodroot's domain, the Woag's tangle appears to be in much better shape and has somehow resisted the cold far better, though it lies closer to the center of the Murk. Steering clear of the Draci scouts at the waterway entrance, they opt to pull their canoes into the trees some ways off.

     After Calder sends a spy bug to check the nearby terrain, Cawyn makes contact with one of the many birds, this time a crested northern jay and makes his Druid's bargain. He learns that the Draci have moved into the Woag's home, and darkness resides where the Guardian once dwelt. From this, he gathers that the Tangle is possibly a Place of Power, which would explain it resisting the cold.

      When he travels along with the bird's senses, he's able to see the Woag's hometree in the center of the Tangle. It's a massive Southern Oak over two hundred feet tall. In it's branches are wooden houses and walkways. At it's base is small, warm lake. Off to one side is a hot spring, surrounded by constructed docks and buildings that hum with machinery. Draci and Woag's are industriously carrying barrels to and from the buildings.

     To the other side of the tree is a massive chunk of ice, easily thirty feet across. Attached to it are three machines that hiss and sputter, ducts traveling away from them and along the base of the tree. Before the bird flies back, Cawyn counts two to three dozen Draci and at least a dozen Woag's, who appear to be under guard as they go about their work. Crog riders man the docks at the base of the tree.

      In the shadows at the edge of the tangle, the party discusses their options.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Sorsha's tale

     In the morning the hidden shelter has turned into an icy snow cave, and the flakes keep drifting down through a lead gray sky. Cawyn makes contact with a small, blackwinged sparrow that informs him the lizardmen live far to the west, in the heart of the Murk near something called the Underfalls. He also tells them that a group of webfoots live nearby, and that they are sad.

     In exchange for a a handfull of crumbs the bird agrees to fly into the mission camp and then to the home of the webfoots. Cawyn casts another spell, this time sharing the sparrow's mind and senses.

     First it flies to the mission house. There is nothing in the yard, but inside it spies the dead warrior's arms being lifted and draped into funereal position as a woman's soft voice sings a sad, Syvani song. Cawyn is desperate for more information, but he's only a passenger, and the little bird doesn't linger.

     It quickly flies out the door and zips through the trees, heading south on a circuitous route across the frozen bogs before eventually coming to another great Tangled island, much like the Bloodroot's. But where the old Willow's demesne was dark and mostly dead, this one seems to have somehow survived the cold better.

     The ice seems thinner and a narrow, open waterway can be seen disappearing into it's depths. As the sparrow briefly rests in the branches of a bog pine, Cawyn can make out two attentive looking Draci warriors apparently keeping watch. Feeling that it's mission is over, and longing for more crumbs, the sparrow zips back across the bog, returning to Cawyn's promised treats in just over a quarter candle.

     The party decides it is crucial to return to the mission house to discover the identity of the invisible singer. While the rest wait at the willow switch fence, Calder sneaks back into the house. After careful observation he finds the woman in the side room. Though she is still invisible, he can hear her rooting around, and by the sounds of muffled coughing, she's sick.

     Deciding to chance it, he reveals his presence. After a tense moment, she in turn drops her veil and he sees that she is a fevered, blinded and starving Kirith-Syvani woman in a ragged cloak and dirty leather armor. She passes out and he brings her to Cawyn.

     Over the next half candle the party converges in the main room of the mission house and administers healing to the woman. Though Cawyn's magic is enough to bring the fever down, he can do nothing for her ice damaged eyes beyond clean and dress the wounds in new bandages, and only rest and food will fix her other ills. With gentle prodding, she does wake long enough to give her name, Sorsha, and warn that Draci scouts have been checking the place on a regular basis. She points out the secret chamber under the house where she has been hiding. Once Snap removes all sign of their recent activities, they all hunker in the underground room while Sorsha relates her story.

     "I am part of a secret organization whose purpose is to prevent planar threats. Brother Seohane reported such a threat might exist here. I was sent to find him or his ledgers, and from him and them, to ascertain the threat level and either eliminate it, or bring back more detailed information."

     "Billings our scout died on the ice when the draci ambushed us from beneath. Grisham, Doolin, Caplan and I fled toward the camp and were surrounded. That's when the dragonborn showed up on his wyvern. Caplan surrendered. When the rest didn't, he was executed and they all came at us.

     "During the fight, I veiled and tried to get the drop on their leader. He brought down icy hell and blinded me. I kept my veil going, I don't know how. Made it outside and listened to my friends, to Doolin... slaughtered. I stood there among them, waiting for one of them to hear me, smell me, hells, just run into me. They didn't. I was blind witness to the death of my friends."

     She notes she thinks she heard the draci warriors refer to the dragonborn as General Shard. Sorsha is much relieved to find that the party has her journal instead of the enemy, and she hands them another booklet, which turns out to be Brother Seohane's journal that she found in the secret chamber, and was of course unable to read.

The Journal of Brother Seohane

     The whole of this journal is couched in vague terms and explanations, which apparently only make sense if you know the specific events and subjects to which they refer.

     Many earlier entries talk of his mission for the Brotherhood to discover the outworld source somewhere in the murk.

     At one point he writes that he considered mentioning his mission to Bishop Doyle but decided against it fearing that the bishop would not like his ulterior motives for being in the camp.

A middle entry:

     Three weeks in Camp and I haven't had a chance to investigate deeper into the Murk. I am hoping to have a chance on a Hunting Expedition this week to do a little investigating. The cold has progressed a little more every season according to the locals in Mudton. It is hard to understand how these creatures, normally used to far less ice and snow, are adapting so well.

A later entry:

     I had my first encounter with a draci Scout the other day. He was by himself but still menaced me to the point that I thought I was going to have to defend myself. Thankfully a small show of magic was enough to send him scurrying. Before he departed I had a chance to notice he carried a bit of magic himself. I wasn't able to determine its source beyond it planar nature, but just knowing its presence, leads me to believe the draci are somehow involved.

     There are several entries talking about the woag. Speaking of how they keep shyly coming around the camp. "If I could pick their brain concerning the interior, I'm sure they could tell me much about an outworld influence."

     At one point, Harrick brings up the sword, and is told quite clearly that Doolin would have wished the weapon be employed against the draci. Sorsha says it's name is Winter's Scourge and it's activation phrase is "Ní mór an banríon gheimhridh bás" - The winter queen must die.

     The plan is to send Calder's mechanical bird to Lady Sariah's, asking her to aid Sorsha.

     Not long after that, they all hear something or someone rummaging in the room above. The noise eventually fades. Calder scouts it out and the others follow. The main building appears empty. Cawyn goes out the back door and finds that many Draci warriors are approaching through the trees. A wyvern cries from above and he is attacked once more with spellfire. The battle is joined. Shots are fired and McFall is wounded too. Eagles are summoned to harass the wyvern rider.

Golems, Wyverns and Octopi

     As the Ice Golem emanates waves of searing cold, Harrick and the others encircle and attack. Though it proves resilient to shards and blades, Flails, druidic spells and Hellish rebukes do much better. The battle is short and vicious, but the outcome never seems in doubt. The golem falls and the party loots the body of a fine magic broadsword, and what they eventually learn is a bag of holding.

     Cawyn notices a peculiar bit of magic that takes effect upon the creature's demise: An alarm spell that triggers upon its destruction. Fearing follow up visitors, they quickly search the body, taking the warrior's sword, dagger and satchels. They then make a quick search of the premises, but find that it's been looted clean. They then decide to make a camp somewhere off the island, leaving Cawyn nearby to watch for visitors and trusting that he can escape quickly in animal form if discovered. This nearly proves a dangerous miscalculation.

     As Snap finds a hidden, dry camp a quarter candle's distance, Cawyn finds a spot of overhanging reeds and plants, on the ice and near the waters edge, where he can view the island to see who comes in response to the magical alarm. As the Wical watches the water's edge, several miles away Calder reads from the journal they found on the fighter at the center of the ice golem. The booklet, which has a hammer, quill and scroll embossed into the cover, apparently belongs to a woman named Sorsha Nimraith Eledwyn, who belongs to some kind of brotherhood. It is an account of her mission into the murk, to seek out a fellow member of her order and retrieve some kind of important information concerning an "outworld threat." The details seem intentionally vague, as if the reader should know certain things in order to make sense of the rest.

     Of particular interest are the bits describing how the Draci seem to be in league with the enemy, and how Sorsha's agent within the camp discovered that the Draci have allied themselves with the wyverns. This bit of information being especially important to Cawyn, who is currently looking the complete wrong way when death comes from above. The wyvern's claws rake the Wical as he desperately rolls toward the water's edge. Searing Bolts of flame follow, hurled from the hands of the rider. Wounded and disoriented, Cawyn takes the form of a giant octopus and jets away into the cloudy depths. His first attempt to hide beneath the thick ice and reeds isn't good enough to avoid the Wyvern's keen senses. It cracks through the thick ice after him again, and once more he jets into the depths, this time finally finding sanctuary in a log at the bottom of the deepest channel.

     Miles away in the hidden campsite, the rest of the party hears the cries of the wyvern. Fearing what it means for Cawyn, they decide to row back, despite the danger. When they finally arrive, a half candle later, it's to find the area where he was hiding and the signs of the fight, but they can't gauge the outcome. They bring the boats ashore in the thickest trees near the water's edge, explore the shores of the island and wait.

     Octo-Cawyn meanwhile has gently repelled the questing nose of a cold-water crog, after the scent of druid blood. He eventually comes ashore, not too far from the others and remains hidden on the snow. As fate would have it, Calder comes across him eventually and brings him into their camouflaged camp. After a briefing, they fortify their hiding spot as the snow begins to fall thicker, and they settle in for a cold, but undisturbed sleep.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Deeper in the Icy Murk

     Having survived a morning ambush by the Draci, thanks in part to some opportune potion administering by McFall, the party finds themselves in possession of just the warm bodies they need to make the trade with The Bloodroot. After patching themselves up and finishing breakfast, they load the unconscious and badly wounded Draci onto the canoes and head back over to the tangle. They find the Tanglemen waiting and are led once more into the heart of the island. There they make a trade with the Dark, sentient willow, who once more asks Cawyn to rid the Murk of the threat at its center. Snap and Boggs are returned and the party quickly makes their exit.

     Deciding for the moment to take Grimms at his word, they move on after a short rest, expecting that their strange, warlock paladin partner will return at a time of his choosing - if the bog doesn't get him first.

     Rowing deeper into the murk, they are met with intermittent snowfall and heavy fog. It quickly grows evident that without Snap's aid, they may very well have lost their way. Hours later, with arms and backs sore from the constant rowing, the spy a clump of trees. Drawing a little closer, Snap points out the wreck for what it is - an older model airship, Cloudrunner class, mostly sunk in the murk but with it's prow and nose jutting from the frozen waters. Dry, leafless vines cover its decking and it's main mast and rigging hang tangled over the bow. Similar vegetation surrounds the wreck like a thorny skirt.

     They are about to move on, when they spy something of interest dangling at a strange, upward slant from the broken mast. After closer inspection with the spyglass, they determine it can be little else but Arquonite, caught in the rotted remains of a bit of old sailcloth and rope. A pretty prize for the men able to retrieve it. But after some more consideration, they opt to leave it alone until their return trip, judging that it would be difficult to carry the arquonite at the moment, as they don't have enough gold to render the material inert. Marking out a better map of the location, they continue on.

     During an afternoon lunch on some huge floating logs, Cawyn has the opportunity to return Snap's medallion. He mentions that it could only have been the Old God's that allowed him to find it. Snap tells Cawyn a little of his past, revealing that he was once a soldier for the royal armies of Manawyn in the South. That the medallion was a symbol of his Griffon unit. He hints at a personal tragedy that led him to lose himself here in the Murk. Cawyn observes that perhaps the Huntress and Summoner have not given up on him. Snap is very grateful. He pledges himself to seeing them all out of the Murk safely and offers to return the money. Cawyn refuses the money but otherwise accepts the young ranger's pledge.

     Throughout the day's journey, the ice and cold have been getting thicker and stronger. Snap mentions that this is the worst he's seen it, and it seems the deeper they get into the murk, the colder and worse it becomes. There are signs of vegetation and animals perishing in the unnatural cold.

     When they reach a largish, lake, they find only a few thin channels of unfrozen water leading across. In the middle of the frozen expanse, they spy something on the ice, Cloth perhaps? and maybe the remnants of a fire ring? Calder attempts to crawl out of the boat and across the thinnish ice but falls in. Eventually they chop a channel for the canoes and everyone manages to get on the ice. Calder changes into dry clothes and they approach the campsite.

     They find a wool cloak frozen to the ice and covered in frost. From the tracks and the blood signs, they deem that a battle of some kind took place between one and two weeks ago. They find the snapped head of a Draci javelin buried in the ice. Harrick wipes away the snow and frost and sees a body floating beneath the ice. Carefully hacking a hole, they drag the blue-skinned Neran clear of the lake and examine him. He appears middle-aged and small statured and wears leather armor. A fine sheathed dagger and a pouch of gold and jewels are at his belt, and an empty quiver is strapped to his back. He wears several cheap medallions, like those bought at any village fair, and one finer medallion that shows a hammer, a feather and a scroll. It is unfamiliar.

     A brief discussion leads them to the conclusion that this man was likely part of the first group after the Church's reward. After Cawyn says a blessing over the dead, they return to their boats and head on.

     It isn't long before they reach the shores of the missionary island. They find signs of the ice being hacked away, again within the last two weeks. They also find two canoes in the snow-covered bushes. Booted tracks lead up the trail, along with several faint traces of Draci clawed toes. Stowing their own canoes they head up the trail.

     The camp lies in a clearing amidst a copse of mixed pine and bare birch and willow trees. A five foot willow switch fence encircles the three mud brick buildings with thatched roofs. The gate has been knocked off the hinges. A few animal bones lie about the snowy yard but there is no sign of habitation beyond the small birds and animals of the murk. They spread out, checking what looks like a goat and pig pen, and a storage shed robbed of grain and meat.

     When they check the main building, they find the two main doors slightly ajar. Harrick is deft enough to notice a string leading from the top of the door. When Calder takes a moment to inspect it, they find a crude but effective crossbow trap. Standing back, they push open the doors and two bolts embed themselves in the snowy dirt. Within the building, they see a largish room with a fire pit in its center and some broken furnishings spread around the walls. What is most evident however is a huge mound of partially translucent blue ice. In its center Calder and Harrick can both see a large, humanoid figure. It looks to be a man of Hodra descent, fully armored and with a sword sheathed at his back. Everything is encased in a foot of thick ice, but the sword glints strangely to Calder's eye.

     As Cawyn is making his careful way through the back door of the building, and Snap, Boggs and McFall search outside, an icy blue glow begins to emanate from the warrior's black eyes. Calder and Harrick only have a moment to register surprise before the mound of ice comes to life, huge, ice sheathed limbs flex and the beast looks at them through it;s protective, icy shell.

A Massive Update

     A very hearty welcome back! It has been too long since this blog has been updated. The adventures of the Maven's Cry have continued, even if the journal entries haven't. I will attempt a very brief overview of what has transpired since waaaay back in Hardune Pointe.

The Missing Sailors of Hardune Pointe. COMPLETE

   As guessed, the great and fabulous Sheerhan was the culprit. The mad scientist was luring sailors from right off their ships with a phonograph-style recording of a Siren's Song that he would float above the trees near the town. Whoever happened to be on deck on passing airships would get an earful and momentarily lose their senses, walking right overboard and plummeting to their deaths.

     Sheerhan would then use the victims parts for all kinds of horrible and wickedly clever purposes, up to and including potion making and golem building. The shrouded tinkers weren't sufferers of disease, they were half Dinari, half-machine, insane little flesh golems that did Sheerhan's bidding.

     When the crew finally returned to Sheerhan's airship with the Constable in tow, they forced his hand and fought he and his minions as he hastily tried to escape. The cruelest blow came after they defeated Sheerhan's monster, A large Cog with the severed head of their crewman in the center of it's brutish frame. Needless to say, Sourberry didn't make it, but neither did the mad tinkerer.

     The crew of the Maven was awarded gold and given the official thanks of the Mayor and Constable. Their deeds were reported to the crown and they left Hardune Pointe as local heroes.

Spice Run (Escort) COMPLETE
Milum, Deoria to Drystan, Fom
Pickup Date: By Oct 29, 572
Delivery Date: Expected Arrival Dec 1, 572

     Ora R. Chauntaclor of Highwind Shipping needed a light gun escort capable of high altitude flight for a zeppelin convoy of Spice and Silk.

     With the exception of some minor rift activity and a incident with the Faelinarie saboteur (noted in the Red Plainsmen job) the mission went slow and smooth.

Payment: 2250 of 3000 gold due upon delivery. 1250 after new arrangement.

Mercenary Airlift (Transport) COMPLETE
Conymar, Delek to Sedge River Delek
Start Date: Nov 12, 572
Delivery Date: Nov 12, 572.

     Captain Kamryl of the Red Plainsmen Mercs wanted 50 troops transported quickly to Sedge River. The crew made arrangements with Captain Faraday of the Spice Convoy, in exchange for part of the profit, to take the Red Plainsmen and meet the convoy back on the Line later that day.

     They dropped off the mercenaries and took an Imperial war crystal implant for their Cog, Grail, in place of half the gold, but then had an incident with a Faelinarie saboteur that almost cost them their ship. Apparently the rogue had been stowed away on board since Milum. He locked himself into the engine room and took control of the ship, sending it North and ascending to the Aether above. Cawyn was able to climb through the exhaust ducts as a rat, then bite the faerie to death in Wolf form before any serious harm could come to the ship and crew.

Payment: 2000 gold and a War Crystal implant for Grail

Dry Goods to Kaergot (Shipping) COMPLETE
Milum, Deoria to Kaergot, Fom
Start Date: By Oct 26, 572
Delivery Date: Nov 31, 572.

     Goodson Shipping and Freight wanted 14 crates of various dry goods delivered to its warehouse in Kaergot. The crew had space in the hold. The job went smooth.

     In Kaergot they also spent of their profits to have small “rat doors” installed throughout the ship, hopefully preventing any further incidents with being locked out of their own engine room.

Payment: 1000 gold upon delivery. (-5% Factor’s Fee to Mr. El)

Manure and Basic Outpost Supplies to Miach (Shipping) COMPLETED
Kaergot, Fom to Miach, Fom
​Start Date: Nov 18, 572
​Delivery Date: Nov 21, 572

     MacTyr Shipping wanted 15 units of Manure and 12 crates of tools and supplies delivered to Miach. The crew took the job and learned of a mysterious, highly advanced mechanical 6x4x2' locked chest among the shipment. Once underway, they examined the crate, and found that it was actually a very expensive and secure box, complete with the most complicated needle trap Calder had seen.

     His failed attempt to disarm the device left him unconscious and started an ominous ticking noise from the large box. They were attacked soon after, by a lithe corsair that demanded their surrender. The only thing Harrick gave them was the Maven’s guns and soon saw the pirates plummeting from the skies with minimal but not totally insignificant damage to the Maven.

     Fearing that the mystery box would explode they were in the process of dropping the box off on a distant bluff when a huge Storm Galleon, crewed by War cogs and skeletons literally appeared from a sudden storm cloud and demanded the crate. Outgunned and caught off-guard, they had little choice but to comply.

​Payment: 1000 gold upon delivery)

Oroka Charger Transported to Gwern (Shipping) COMPLETED
Miach, Fom to Gwern, Fom
​Start Date Nov 21, 572
​Delivery Date: Nov 23, 572

     Caracus Ironshoe wanted a valuable stallion delivered to Laird Lucian Nevain’s estates on the outskirts of Gwern. Cawyn found that the horse had been mistreated in it’s war-training. He befriended the beast and thus felt guilty in delivering it to new, abusive masters when it was hoping for it’s freedom and a return to the plains. The job still gives him bad dreams.

​Payment: 1000 gold upon delivery.

Leather Goods to Gwern (Shipping) COMPLETED
Neueth, Fom to Gwern, Fom
​Start Date Nov 20, 572
​Delivery Date: Nov 23, 572

     Masters Gem and Sprat wanted four units of Leather goods delivered to Sprat Leatherworks in Gwern. Simple and easy job.

​Payment: 1000 gold upon delivery.

Ice Swamp Extraction (Rescue or Intel) UNDERWAY
Milum, Deoria to Marfach Murk, Fom
Start Date: By Oct 30, 572
Delivery Date: Unspecified.

     Pastor Ezekiel Vernell needs Bishop Foyle Doyle retrieved from a Missionary Camp in Marfach Murk.

Payment: 6000 gold upon delivery. (3000 for information)

     Bishop Foyle Doyle last sent a crystal communications just under five months ago. He was heading up a missionary camp in the interior of the marshes, attempting to convert a large clan of Bullywug to the path of light. Though his last few crystals were sparse on details, there was no indication from them that anything was amiss. He requisitioned supplies and reported that he had finally had a meeting with the Bullywug Chieftain. Further crystal attempts with the camp were met with silence. Two attempts were made by local patrols to find the camp, but were unsuccessful for unknown reasons.

     After hearing about the dangers of Wyverns in the Murk, the party decided to leave the Maven in Gwern and pay an arcanic hovercraft to take them to Mudton, a trapping and fishing village inside the borders of the great bog. They also hired a Kirith-Syvani guide named Snap to lead them to the Missionary camp.

     Once in Mudton Calder, Grimms, Harrick, Cawyn, Boggs, McFall, and Snap left Sharpe and Grail with a crystal transceiver relay that Calder built, bought some canoes and headed by boat, deeper into the murk.

     They stayed the first night at the house of a beautiful herbalist named Sariah Greenleaf. Although she never did anything to earn it, several of the crew suspected she was a witch. They left in the morning with healing draughts and several vials of Wyvern poison Antidote.

     Next they came to the Bloodroot Tangle, a massive, floating island of twisted trees and dark shadows. As they passed it by, they were caught unaware by a Draci ambush. Barely fighting off the attack by Crogs, lizardfolk and a powerful Otyugh, they managed to survive, only to have Snap abducted by something within the Tangle.

     Exhausted and injured. they nonetheless followed after him, and were soon accosted by large creatures of wood. These Tanglemen were damaged, but managed to retreat deeper into the tangle after capturing Cawyn, Harrick and Boggs. Calder and McFall continued after them.

     And it is here that we resume our regular session updates.

SESSION UPDATE - "Old Man Bloodroot"

Upon being carried into the heart of the bloodroot tangle:

     You arrive in a fetid grotto of twisted trees, tangled moss and yellowed ivory. Constructed here and there are half-made structures of bone designed as if by mad children. Everywhere you look, skulls grin slack jawed from shadows, puddles and holes. In the center of a reddish pool of water, an enormous willow tree looms; its strong, pale roots gnarled and twisting deep into the black soil, soaring canopy roofing the glade in gloom. From its branches hang sinister fruit. Lumpy bundles of willow switch and vine that dangle in unfelt breezes; only the vaguest sense of man and animal shapes at their center.

     As Harrick and Boggs are hoisted from the bellies of the tanglemen into the branches of the willow, Cawyn is released. He spies dozens of humanoid faces in the trunk of the massive willow. It takes a moment for him to realize it, but the wind through the branches of the tree are a collage of voices, layered and speaking the druid tongue,

     "Thieving blade biters in my grove. I take your teeth and grant you the peace of repayment, the serenity of becoming one with my island. Your sap shall sustain us, your emotions make us strong, your memories enrich, your bones protect our grotto. You shall live forever in the proud home of Moornfaeli-Shuum ap Blodufar. You are blessed."

     Fearing the might of such a creature, Cawyn does his best to reason instead. The tree responds poorly:

     "Child of Mountains, Son of the wave, scion of Tree Mother, Wical of the Blessed Ones. Deeply am I saddened to see you in such company. Leave off your foolishness. For the love I bare the Wild Mother will I forgive your poor choice of brethren and see you go free. I pray you find your path inward. Now you shall be untethered from false friends. Free to seek the frozen rot at the heart of Marfach. The wyrm that burrows in the heartwood of the marsh must perish."

     He responds that he will do what he can to right the balance in the murk, but that doing so will be easier with his friends. Beyond that he asks for the tree's aid. The Bloodroot does not respond well. He only offers one being back. Cawyn chooses Harrick who is released. He makes a parting pact with the tree that he will return with three bodies for each of his remaining companions. As Calder and McFall finally find their way to the grove, the Tanglemen make a pathway out for the four. Boggs' muffled cries, begging them not to leave him behind are the last things they hear. All are hard pressed to leave.

     Back at the makeshift camp, they find that Grimms has disappeared, apparently having wandered off into the swamp, but a satchel with the emblem of the Lady Sariah is left near the dwindling fire. In it are four healing draughts.

     They bring the canoes in and set up a camp. Calder disassembles and dries out the Crystal transceiver. The rest of the night goes uneventful right until the morning, when they are ambushed by another party of Draci, led by the same Crog Rider who escaped the night before. The surprise is total and the battle doesn't start well. It lasts barely two minutes, but in that time both Calder and Harrick are brought low. It's only the quick administering of the healing potions that keep the draci from winning. Though it is an even nearer thing than the night before, they are victorious. Even better, the Lizardfolk have unwittingly provided them with the grizzly trade required to get their friends back.

     With some careful tending and healing magic, they manage to keep six of the draci from dying, though all are badly injured. Once more depleted though the morning is still new, they contemplate the trade before them, and wonder if they can trust the evil tree in the center of the tangle. They will soon learn.

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Sourberry's Missing

Octalym 25-26, 572fk
Ship's Cash: 1580 gold
Ship State: Undamaged, Lawful Merchant, (Deck Space: 6/10, Hull Space: 18/20)

     Grimms, Harrick, Corwyn and Calder bide their time with food and drink at the Laughing Otter, which continues to grow busier as the evening proceeds. Grimms strikes up a conversation with the Minstrel, Ninean Melos, who invites him to a session later in the evening.

     Eventually, the tavern reaches such a fill, that no tables are left for new patrons, which leads to a tense conversation as the owner asks Calder and his group if they would mind moving to the "side room." Rightfully guessing this has everything to do with Calder's race, Calder is ready to head back to the ship and Harrick is ready to argue, when Grimms smooths over the owner long enough for another table to become available, averting an ugly situation with extra doses of ugly potential.

     Still, the mood has been somewhat ruined, and the four aeronauts soon return to the ship; Grimms lagging behind long enough to make his introductions to the extremely large Mayor of Hardune Pointe as the man lumbers in with toadies in tow.

     Back on the Maven, Corwyn notes that he's feeling somewhat sick, and begs off for his quarters.

     Caywen Informs the crew of a passenger fare opportunity that presented itself while they were gone. The General Manager of the local mill, Mr. Wetherell, wished to pay for the safe passage of his young daughter and niece to Milum.

     The crew is allowed shore leave for the night and Grimms returns to the Otter with them. Caywen follows along after supper onboard the Maven.

     Back at the Otter, Grimms meets up with Ninean and they play some tunes. He notes that Ninean seems to be working with a young Kirith Syvani pickpocket in the crowd.

     Eventually the entertainment turns to a somewhat organized, bare knuckle event in the side room where Grimms fights and drinks his way to a small profit, and a comfy spot on the floor against the backside of the hearth before morning.

     Meanwhile Cawyn overhears an interesting conversation between the Mayor and a stern looking woman in a Constable's jacket and mail, the gist of which is the disappearances are more than rumor, and the Constable thinks the time is overdue to call in the Imperial investigators. The mayor does his best to calm her, asking for her to wait another week, until the Harvest festival has passed at least. She leaves the Tavern none to happy.

     Sated on beer and rumor, Caywen returns to the ship.

     Sometime around 3am the Bosun awakes Harrick for his watch, noting with concern that one of his hands, Sourberry, has failed to return from town. After a quick questioning, other members of the crew recall Sourberry leaving with one of the barmaids. Harrick decides to put the matter off until morning.

     Over breakfast, the owners find that Grimms has failed to return as well. Disembarking the ship once more, Caywen, Calder and Harrick head to the tavern where they question a tired looking Cyril. She informs them that she doesn't remember anything concerning Sourberry, but she leads them to the side room where they find Grimms sleeping peacefully beside an empty bottle of Durin whisky; a huge bruise covering half his face. Cyril recommends they check the guard tower for Sourberry.

     Together they all tramp down toward the Guard tower, when Harrick spots a guardsman searching a narrow alley. Questioning the man, they learn that an Aeronaut went missing last night. Brief questioning reveals that it was Sourberry. Guardsman Fey escorts them to the Constable at the Guard tower for the full story.

     When they arrive, the Constable introduces herself as Angela Steede. She informs them that a barmaid came in early this morning with a report of an incident on the edge of town. She and an Aeronaut were taking a late night stroll when they heard a noise in the bushes. Sourberry pulled a dagger and went to investigate. The sounds of an awful struggle ensued, the woman became frightened and ran off. The constable has had her deputies searching the town, river's edge and nearby woods, but with little luck so far.

     When the group reveals that they are aware of the multiple disappearances, the Constable doesn't deny anything. She reveals her frustration with the events of the last month, noting that there have been eight people gone missing mysteriously in the last six weeks, all but one of them travellers and aeronauts arriving or leaving from Hardune Pointe. With little evidence to go on, her team has been unable to do much. This latest missing man is one too many, and she's ready to call in the Imperial investigators.

     When they ask, she is more than willing to let them question the barmaid, ordering Guardsman Fey to escort them to her home and stay with them.

     Together they question the barmaid, Nani, about the events. She reiterates what she told the Constable, adding after some additional questioning that she and Sourberry were in the woods to the North of town - a little further out than she initially reported. She feels horribly responsible after running off and leaving the poor man to his fate. She agrees to lead them to the sight.

     Once there, Calder does some top notch investigating, revealing several important clues among the bushes. He finds the tracks of several small boots, like those of children or kudra. They array and position denotes a struggle. He also finds a few small. blue threads smashed into the dirt.

     When Nani mentions to Caywen that she remembers seeing a small, flying shape in the trees above, Calder investigates further and finds a few bits of hemp rope beneath a nearby tree.

     After spreading out and checking the nearby woods, and finding nothing else of note, they return to town, discussing the clues. Nani doesn't recall Sourberry wearing anything blue to account for the threads. As for the multiple small prints, there are of course plenty of children in town. There are no accounts of faelinarie or fairies, besides your standard folk tales, and the Kudra tribes generally stay well clear of the town, and can't as a rule, fly.

     When thinking on the matter, Fey does mention one possibility, noting a travelling salesman named The Fabulous Sheerhan who is camped along the river trail and has been in town for a little over two months. He says the man travels with a group of Tinker Dinari who suffer from Democ's Malady. Sheerhan is a friendly sort who sells wonderful elixirs and restorative potions. The Dinari stay on his Windcutter, due to their sickness, and they fix things the townspeople bring to them, like Tinkers are wont to do.

     The group eyes one another at this possibility, Calder looks nervous at mention of the demon spawned leprosy, knowing full well that he is most susceptible to its danger. Still, it being the best lead they have to finding Sourberry, Calder offers to return to the ship while they go investigate the Fabulous Sheerhan.

     There is a sign leading from the river road that points the way in colorful letters: "This way to the Fabulous Sheerhan!" A little further on is a warning sign: "Be made Aware, Sufferers of Democ's Malady reside here."

     Arriving in the clearing, they spy a small, gaily decorated windcutter airship, tethered and in the midst of various repairs. A small painted cart rests before it, and an equally colorful tent is pitched in the foreground, another banner proclaiming, "The Fabulous Sheerhan - Travelling Elixirman and Restorative Handyman, Artificer of Potions, Gadgets, Cogs and More!" is strung at the opening.

     They spy several small, swathed and robed figures before the fire, or moving in and out of the tent. Nothing is visible of their skin or faces. When one sees the group, he steps inside and soon a short man with a neatly trimmed, red beard and a long coat of riotous color steps out. He introduces himself as none other than the aforementioned Sheerhan.

     Over the following conversation he's friendly and affable, with little to hide. He explains how he found the TInkers two years ago, shortly after they had been attacked by a rift-spawned demon. He has developed a mutually beneficial relationship with them since then, providing potions and medical care that maintains their otherwise incurable condition, and room and board upon his ship in exchange for their services.

     When Corwyn's illness is mentioned, he offers a free visit, and gives Grimms an elixir guaranteed to have him feeling much better in no time. Grimms also mentions the possibility of doing supply business together, which Sheerhan takes great interest in.

     When they leave, it's with no evidence that Sheerhan is anything more than he says, though they are all suspicious. Guardsman Fey obviously believes the man and his helpers to be harmless, but when they ask, he is more than willing to get the Constable to come with them next time, to search his ship as a precaution.

     The group bathes thoroughly in the river before returning to the ship, taking all precautions against infecting their captain with the deadly malady. When they get back in the evening, they find that Corwyn is feeling a little better and Calder has informed the Good Mill manager that their trip will be delayed a day or more.

     That’s it for the third session. I hope you were entertained. Please feel free to add your comments. And join us next time...

     Onward and Upward Aeronauts!

Quest Log


The Vanishing Sailors Near Hardune Pointe.

     Beautiful music. Night time disappearances of lone sailors. No alarms raised. At dock and in the sky around the town of Hardune Pointe.

Spice Protection (Escort)
Milum, Deoria to Drystan, Fom
Pickup Date: By Oct 29, 572
Delivery Date: Expected Arrival Dec 1, 572
     Ora R. Chauntaclor of Highwind Shipping needs a light gun escort capable of high altitude flight for a zeppelin convoy of Spice and Silk.

Payment: 2250 of 3000 gold due upon delivery.

Ice Swamp Extraction (Rescue)
Milum, Deoria to Marfach Murk, Fom
Start Date: By Oct 30, 572
Delivery Date: Unspecified.
     Pastor Ezekiel Vernell needs Bishop Foyle Doyle retrieved from a Missionary Camp in Marfach Murk.

Payment: 6000 gold upon delivery. (3000 for information)

Dry Goods to Kaergot (Shipping)Milum, Deoria to Kaergot, Fom
Start Date: By Oct 26, 572
Delivery Date: Nov 31, 572.
     Goodson Shipping and Freight wants 14 crates of various dry goods delivered to its warehouse in Kaergot.

Payment: 1000 gold upon delivery. (-5% Factor’s Fee to Mr. El)