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First Flight

Octalym 23-25, 572fk
Ship's Cash: 1580 gold
Ship State: Undamaged, Lawful Merchant, (Deck Space: 6/10, Hull Space: 18/20)

     Having committed to the purchase and operation of the Maven, the new owners set about preparing for departure. Grimms heads down to Airmen’s Row, visiting taverns and public houses in search of a crew. Though his warmup songs of dark, loving gods from beyond the ether fail to win any converts, he does manage to carouse and cajole his way to twelve new crewmen willing to work for initial reduced rates. (7 gold each for the first month + standard shares. Paid at the end of the month.)

     Calder, Herrick and Wical Briarwood head over to Templeton, in search of Pastor Ezekiel Vernell of Murbagh’s Cathedral. After Calder gets cold looks from the acolytes in the square, they are lead to his offices. In a brief meeting with the elder Neran priest, they learn a few more details about the rescue mission to Marfach Murk, and officially take on the contract for the agreed upon price of 6000 gold, or 3000 for viable information.

     Bishop Foyle Doyle last sent a crystal communications just under five months ago.

     He was heading up a missionary camp in the interior of the marshes, attempting to convert a large clan of Bullywug to the path of light.

     Though his last few crystals were sparse on details, there was no indication from them that anything was amiss. He requisitioned supplies and reported that he had finally had a meeting with the Bullywug Chieftain.

     Further crystal attempts with the camp were met with silence. Two attempts were made by local patrols to find the camp, but were unsuccessful for unknown reasons.

     They next head to Ora R. Chauntaclor of Highwind Shipping where they sign up for Topwatch on the Spice run to Drystan. They learn that a Durinos, Steele Mountain vessel, The Smoke, is running heavy guard and another Deorian Cloudrunner called the Vesper is running peripheral. They negotiate a quarter pay up front (+750 gold), sign papers and agree to meet on the North Downs on the morning of the 30th.

     2350 gold.

     Late that night, back on board the Maven, Mr. El agrees to find them a simple, low pay contract to fill their hull and heads off. Three of the new crew bunk aboard and the owners share a last glass and head off to try out their new beds.

     In the morning Mr. El returns with his shipping contract for 14 crates bound for Kaergot, Fom for 1000 gold. The rest of the crew arrives and is briefly vetted by Bosun Bratun, who besides finding Fitzroy and Leslie - two young Neran lads with attitude - to be somewhat less experienced than they originally claimed, approves of Grimms’s selection.

     Calder is introduced to the Maven’s currently non-functioning Porter-cog, Grail, and excitedly accepts the challenge of fixing him. After a brief meeting over Booth’s so-so prepared breakfast they load on the Kaergot crates, pay their docking fees (-100 gold), restock with provisions for 17 until the end of the month (-510 gold) and decide to take the Maven and crew on a test flight to Howell. Through a favorable wind, and steady rain, the Maven rises into the busy sky and heads west under excellent guidance from Cawyn and steerage from Corwyn.

     1740 gold.

     The day long flight passes into the night with the Maven rising above the hail and rain into the roiling cloudscape above. The crew are run through their paces, hauling out the guns and lashing them tight, running storm drills and manning their positions in good order. Fitzroy and Leslie give the Bosun some lip, but Grimms quickly sorts them out and has them separated for good measure.

     Calder has the rotation cuffs smoothed out on Grail, and after a fresh oiling he gives the cog’s crystal heart a jump start with the Maven’s core and Grail comes to life, his one good eye blinking slowly. The old steambot’s voice is slow and simple as he introduces himself and awaits instructions. Calder brings the cog on deck and introduces him to the new crew before sending him back down into the hull to power down and await orders.

     1 Day offline travel = Fuel 19/20

     By first light of the 25th, the Maven is entering the outskirts of Howell when Cawyn spots Riftlight 2 miles off to the Norwest, just below the Ether. The planar tear is too far off to be of any immediate concern, but since they are close enough to contact the Howell Air towers, they note the event in their logs and crystal the warning in.

     Docking at the visitor towers (-20 gold), they grant the crew a three hour leave and Corwyn and Cawyn head into the tavern district to get a drink and pick up rumors. Calder heads to a Cog Supply shop to buy backup parts and a new eye for Grail. (-120 gold). The others stay aboard the Maven, continuing to fine tune the systems and “get comfortable.”

     1600 gold.

     Besides the normal, boring, city rumors, the two Wicals (priests) strike up a conversation with two sky sailors who tell an interesting tale...

     Over the last several weeks, many aeronauts have vanished from their ships on the Eiryl River run (Howell to Milum)

     “Me mate on the Bonnie Boiler was mates with a man that went missing while in flight just ten day past. No sound. No warning. Just vanished on his watch! And no trace left behind to tell as what happened...”

     On the return flight, they overhear some crystal chatter of a merchant captain warning others to stay clear of Hardune Pointe, as he lost a man there just last evening. When Harrick asks, they mention that some of the crew mentioned hearing bee-utiful music in the night, prior to his man’s disappearance.

     After discussing the matter among themselves, the crew decides to stop in Hardune Pointe to investigate, reasoning they still have five days before they need to be back in Milum. Harrick wonders where the profit is but goes along.

     They dock at the single skytower (-10 gold) and head into the town square. The place is busy with road, river and sky travellers. Carriages, carts, and even a nobleman’s Arcanicraft clutter the roadside. They enter the Laughing Otter Tavern and Public House and Grimm’s goes to work. (buy the busy tavern a round on Grimms (-10 gold). After some flirtatious use of his telepathic abilities, he learns from Cyril Redlake, a smitten barmaid, that lots of strangers, mostly sailors, have gone missing around the village, but her boss, Meryll, doesn’t want anyone to talk about it, for fear of losing customers with an official Imperial investigation.

     1580 gold.

     As they sit at a corner table in the crowded tavern, discussing their options, a talented Syvani minstrel begins to play his flute for the customers. He’s quite good. The group shares a suspicious look and Cawyn mutters something about making earplugs.

     That’s it for the second session. Join us next time...

Onward and Upward Aeronauts!

Quest Log

The Vanishing Sailors Near Hardune Pointe.

     Beautiful music. Night time disappearances of lone sailors. No alarms raised. At dock and in the sky around the town of Hardune Pointe.


Spice Protection (Escort)
Milum, Deoria to Drystan, Fom
Pickup Date: By Oct 29, 572
Delivery Date: Expected Arrival Dec 1, 572

     Ora R. Chauntaclor of Highwind Shipping needs a light gun escort capable of high altitude flight for a zeppelin convoy of Spice and Silk.

Payment: 2250 of 3000 gold due upon delivery.

Ice Swamp Extraction (Rescue)
Milum, Deoria to Marfach Murk, Fom
Start Date: By Oct 30, 572
Delivery Date: Unspecified.

     Pastor Ezekiel Vernell needs Bishop Foyle Doyle retrieved from a Missionary Camp in Marfach Murk.

Payment: 6000 gold upon delivery. (3000 for information)

Dry Goods to Kaergot (Shipping)
Milum, Deoria to Kaergot, Fom
Start Date: By Oct 26, 572
Delivery Date: Nov 31, 572.

     Goodson Shipping and Freight wants 14 crates of various dry goods delivered to its warehouse in Kaergot.

Payment: 1000 gold upon delivery. (-5% Factor’s Fee to Mr. El)

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