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Sourberry's Missing

Octalym 25-26, 572fk
Ship's Cash: 1580 gold
Ship State: Undamaged, Lawful Merchant, (Deck Space: 6/10, Hull Space: 18/20)

     Grimms, Harrick, Corwyn and Calder bide their time with food and drink at the Laughing Otter, which continues to grow busier as the evening proceeds. Grimms strikes up a conversation with the Minstrel, Ninean Melos, who invites him to a session later in the evening.

     Eventually, the tavern reaches such a fill, that no tables are left for new patrons, which leads to a tense conversation as the owner asks Calder and his group if they would mind moving to the "side room." Rightfully guessing this has everything to do with Calder's race, Calder is ready to head back to the ship and Harrick is ready to argue, when Grimms smooths over the owner long enough for another table to become available, averting an ugly situation with extra doses of ugly potential.

     Still, the mood has been somewhat ruined, and the four aeronauts soon return to the ship; Grimms lagging behind long enough to make his introductions to the extremely large Mayor of Hardune Pointe as the man lumbers in with toadies in tow.

     Back on the Maven, Corwyn notes that he's feeling somewhat sick, and begs off for his quarters.

     Caywen Informs the crew of a passenger fare opportunity that presented itself while they were gone. The General Manager of the local mill, Mr. Wetherell, wished to pay for the safe passage of his young daughter and niece to Milum.

     The crew is allowed shore leave for the night and Grimms returns to the Otter with them. Caywen follows along after supper onboard the Maven.

     Back at the Otter, Grimms meets up with Ninean and they play some tunes. He notes that Ninean seems to be working with a young Kirith Syvani pickpocket in the crowd.

     Eventually the entertainment turns to a somewhat organized, bare knuckle event in the side room where Grimms fights and drinks his way to a small profit, and a comfy spot on the floor against the backside of the hearth before morning.

     Meanwhile Cawyn overhears an interesting conversation between the Mayor and a stern looking woman in a Constable's jacket and mail, the gist of which is the disappearances are more than rumor, and the Constable thinks the time is overdue to call in the Imperial investigators. The mayor does his best to calm her, asking for her to wait another week, until the Harvest festival has passed at least. She leaves the Tavern none to happy.

     Sated on beer and rumor, Caywen returns to the ship.

     Sometime around 3am the Bosun awakes Harrick for his watch, noting with concern that one of his hands, Sourberry, has failed to return from town. After a quick questioning, other members of the crew recall Sourberry leaving with one of the barmaids. Harrick decides to put the matter off until morning.

     Over breakfast, the owners find that Grimms has failed to return as well. Disembarking the ship once more, Caywen, Calder and Harrick head to the tavern where they question a tired looking Cyril. She informs them that she doesn't remember anything concerning Sourberry, but she leads them to the side room where they find Grimms sleeping peacefully beside an empty bottle of Durin whisky; a huge bruise covering half his face. Cyril recommends they check the guard tower for Sourberry.

     Together they all tramp down toward the Guard tower, when Harrick spots a guardsman searching a narrow alley. Questioning the man, they learn that an Aeronaut went missing last night. Brief questioning reveals that it was Sourberry. Guardsman Fey escorts them to the Constable at the Guard tower for the full story.

     When they arrive, the Constable introduces herself as Angela Steede. She informs them that a barmaid came in early this morning with a report of an incident on the edge of town. She and an Aeronaut were taking a late night stroll when they heard a noise in the bushes. Sourberry pulled a dagger and went to investigate. The sounds of an awful struggle ensued, the woman became frightened and ran off. The constable has had her deputies searching the town, river's edge and nearby woods, but with little luck so far.

     When the group reveals that they are aware of the multiple disappearances, the Constable doesn't deny anything. She reveals her frustration with the events of the last month, noting that there have been eight people gone missing mysteriously in the last six weeks, all but one of them travellers and aeronauts arriving or leaving from Hardune Pointe. With little evidence to go on, her team has been unable to do much. This latest missing man is one too many, and she's ready to call in the Imperial investigators.

     When they ask, she is more than willing to let them question the barmaid, ordering Guardsman Fey to escort them to her home and stay with them.

     Together they question the barmaid, Nani, about the events. She reiterates what she told the Constable, adding after some additional questioning that she and Sourberry were in the woods to the North of town - a little further out than she initially reported. She feels horribly responsible after running off and leaving the poor man to his fate. She agrees to lead them to the sight.

     Once there, Calder does some top notch investigating, revealing several important clues among the bushes. He finds the tracks of several small boots, like those of children or kudra. They array and position denotes a struggle. He also finds a few small. blue threads smashed into the dirt.

     When Nani mentions to Caywen that she remembers seeing a small, flying shape in the trees above, Calder investigates further and finds a few bits of hemp rope beneath a nearby tree.

     After spreading out and checking the nearby woods, and finding nothing else of note, they return to town, discussing the clues. Nani doesn't recall Sourberry wearing anything blue to account for the threads. As for the multiple small prints, there are of course plenty of children in town. There are no accounts of faelinarie or fairies, besides your standard folk tales, and the Kudra tribes generally stay well clear of the town, and can't as a rule, fly.

     When thinking on the matter, Fey does mention one possibility, noting a travelling salesman named The Fabulous Sheerhan who is camped along the river trail and has been in town for a little over two months. He says the man travels with a group of Tinker Dinari who suffer from Democ's Malady. Sheerhan is a friendly sort who sells wonderful elixirs and restorative potions. The Dinari stay on his Windcutter, due to their sickness, and they fix things the townspeople bring to them, like Tinkers are wont to do.

     The group eyes one another at this possibility, Calder looks nervous at mention of the demon spawned leprosy, knowing full well that he is most susceptible to its danger. Still, it being the best lead they have to finding Sourberry, Calder offers to return to the ship while they go investigate the Fabulous Sheerhan.

     There is a sign leading from the river road that points the way in colorful letters: "This way to the Fabulous Sheerhan!" A little further on is a warning sign: "Be made Aware, Sufferers of Democ's Malady reside here."

     Arriving in the clearing, they spy a small, gaily decorated windcutter airship, tethered and in the midst of various repairs. A small painted cart rests before it, and an equally colorful tent is pitched in the foreground, another banner proclaiming, "The Fabulous Sheerhan - Travelling Elixirman and Restorative Handyman, Artificer of Potions, Gadgets, Cogs and More!" is strung at the opening.

     They spy several small, swathed and robed figures before the fire, or moving in and out of the tent. Nothing is visible of their skin or faces. When one sees the group, he steps inside and soon a short man with a neatly trimmed, red beard and a long coat of riotous color steps out. He introduces himself as none other than the aforementioned Sheerhan.

     Over the following conversation he's friendly and affable, with little to hide. He explains how he found the TInkers two years ago, shortly after they had been attacked by a rift-spawned demon. He has developed a mutually beneficial relationship with them since then, providing potions and medical care that maintains their otherwise incurable condition, and room and board upon his ship in exchange for their services.

     When Corwyn's illness is mentioned, he offers a free visit, and gives Grimms an elixir guaranteed to have him feeling much better in no time. Grimms also mentions the possibility of doing supply business together, which Sheerhan takes great interest in.

     When they leave, it's with no evidence that Sheerhan is anything more than he says, though they are all suspicious. Guardsman Fey obviously believes the man and his helpers to be harmless, but when they ask, he is more than willing to get the Constable to come with them next time, to search his ship as a precaution.

     The group bathes thoroughly in the river before returning to the ship, taking all precautions against infecting their captain with the deadly malady. When they get back in the evening, they find that Corwyn is feeling a little better and Calder has informed the Good Mill manager that their trip will be delayed a day or more.

     That’s it for the third session. I hope you were entertained. Please feel free to add your comments. And join us next time...

     Onward and Upward Aeronauts!

Quest Log


The Vanishing Sailors Near Hardune Pointe.

     Beautiful music. Night time disappearances of lone sailors. No alarms raised. At dock and in the sky around the town of Hardune Pointe.

Spice Protection (Escort)
Milum, Deoria to Drystan, Fom
Pickup Date: By Oct 29, 572
Delivery Date: Expected Arrival Dec 1, 572
     Ora R. Chauntaclor of Highwind Shipping needs a light gun escort capable of high altitude flight for a zeppelin convoy of Spice and Silk.

Payment: 2250 of 3000 gold due upon delivery.

Ice Swamp Extraction (Rescue)
Milum, Deoria to Marfach Murk, Fom
Start Date: By Oct 30, 572
Delivery Date: Unspecified.
     Pastor Ezekiel Vernell needs Bishop Foyle Doyle retrieved from a Missionary Camp in Marfach Murk.

Payment: 6000 gold upon delivery. (3000 for information)

Dry Goods to Kaergot (Shipping)Milum, Deoria to Kaergot, Fom
Start Date: By Oct 26, 572
Delivery Date: Nov 31, 572.
     Goodson Shipping and Freight wants 14 crates of various dry goods delivered to its warehouse in Kaergot.

Payment: 1000 gold upon delivery. (-5% Factor’s Fee to Mr. El)

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