Thursday, December 8, 2016

Fire and Ice

     After waiting nearly a candle in the cozy confines of the Druid sanctuary, the Woag lookout returns with news. The Draci have noticed the melting ice around the Great Gwah. By the amount of arguing and milling about, it appears that Chief Corgall and his men have little idea how to fix the problem, which is welcome tidings.

     The party makes preparations for heading to the hometree. Shortly thereafter they hear the booming horns of the Draci echoing out of the tangle. Again, Bwub confirms that this is the signal to bring in the Draci patrols from the surrounding areas, and will eventually summon General Shard.

     When they stow Snap's blind for carrying, and head out, they have one or two close calls with groups of Draci warriors, but thanks to the Ranger's expertise, they are able to remain hidden, coming at last to the screen of heavy ferns and foliage on the east side of the Spring, nearest the frozen block.

     When the Draci send in four lizardmen with ice throwing contraptions, the crew decide to act. They draw beads with rifles and Falco sneaks close enough to float a Shard grenade into the midst of the ice throwers. When he is eventually spotted in the open water, he detonates the grenade, causing a catastrophic (for the Draci) chain of detonations, as first the grenade, then the tanks on their backs, then the ice bombs at their belts all explode, outright killing, or completely ensnaring six of the Draci in a few, loud, destructive moments.

     From that point, a running and well executed melee and firefight begins. Important highlights include being able to swim in armor, well aimed firearm shots from the cover of the trees, equally impressive eldritch bolts from Luther, the death of a Woag at the hands of a Draci berserker and the taking of the lower dockway.

     When a second wave of Draci come from down the hometree stairs, and from the water around the ice, Cawyn lets loose with a barrage of lightning and Harrick goes toe to toe with five Draci, intent on keeping him from freeing the Great Gwah with his flamesword.

     Though Harrick takes damage, he is able to plunge the firesword deep into the ice, causing it to eventually break open and free the giant, toad-shaped elemental. Though Cawyn is struck with a blast from the Draci ice throwers, he, Falco, Calder and the woags are able to clear the second wave from the stairwell. Snap, Boggs and McFall eventually cease firing and make for the docks, in some cases requiring roped aid to make the swim.

     Another Horn cry and the sound of chopping from above precedes a large section of the stairs crashing to the water. Harrick dives deep in search of his sword, and has trouble returning to the surface with it. The Great Gwah swallows a couple Draci. Bwub then speaks to the protector, causing it to start climbing the tree.

     As we prepare to rejoin the battle, Bwub has gone to the aid of Harrick, who is doggedly trying the break the surface in chainmail. Cawyn has a precarious hold on the Great Gwah's semi-solid form and the rest of the crew are making their way up what remains of the stairs, towards whatever enemy forces remain above. It has been a well fought battle so far.

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