Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Full Steam Southbound

     The Maven flies high over Mudton Flats and finds the home of Sariah Greenleaf in the frosty mists of the murk. After anchoring down they find no immediate sign that anyone is home. After careful investigation, they find the chimney to have been recently active, and the pigs appear fed. Inside Sariah's cottage they are made aware of an invisible presence.

     They find Sorsha, alive and well, and in a deep sleep, tucked neatly into the fur lined bed, and when they do, they also are made aware of a tiny, invisible creature named Scritch who is protecting the bard. The Thorn sprite explains that he was charged with nursing the Kirith Syvani while his mistress, The Lady Greenleaf, was recuperating from her own illness.

     While Scritch won't go into the details of his Mistress' illness, he declines their offer of aid and permits them to take Sorsha into their own care. He promises to pass the message to Sariah that the group has left the murk for now and hopes to come back.

     Returning to the Maven with Sorsha, they are just beginning their ascent when they hear the cry of an enraged Wyvern in the fog. Readying themselves, they are sprayed with a cone of ice and frost and attacked by a large, angry male that induces momentary fear in most of the crew.

     Between Harrick's valiant charge and Calder's eventual rally of the sailors, they are able to give the beast a belly full of shard and blade, causing it to flee as the Maven breaks the fog cover and takes to the sky.

After sending a mechanical messenger to Sorsha's contact in Miach, they begin their journey south toward Milum.

     A day of travel finds them somewhat heartened to see the last of the Murk disappear off the stern. Though a snowstorm and engine troubles cause small delays, they generally make good time and arrive in Milum, where they visit The Church of the Tiller and give the sad news to Pastor Vernell - and collect their fee.

     Since there's time, the Captain grants the crew leave while they're back in the home tower so to speak. The officers visit Charlie Elsworth, pay his fee and pass on their story. Charlie offers to scare up a cargo for their trip south.

Falco takes the opportunity to track down and visit Dreya, the Duranos leader of his old Second story crew. Dreya lays on the guilt over her missing right arm and tells him that someone learned of his "lack of being dead-ness" and has hired a group of local assassins, Fado's men, to remedy the situation if they get the opportunity.

    Right after Dreya's departure, Fado's men attack. Though Falco tries to arcanically charm his way past the lead assassin, the Syvani calls his bluff and they capture him without a scuffle. He's carted away while hooded and gagged.

     When Falco misses the evening meeting aboard the Maven, the rest of the crew is mildly annoyed. They send Jeffer Sharpe, who has some familiarity with the seedy side of the merchant district, to find him. Sharpe eventually returns with a story about a kidnapping at O'Heer's Pub. Further discreet questioning leads the crew to a likely base of operations for Fado's men across town, in the warehouse district.

     Meanwhile, Falco's been having a hard time of it. After one nearly successful escape attempt, he's been sitting shackled, gagged and hooded in a dank cell. When the crew starts a commotion above, and his jailers come to kill him, he's got one last shot. He manages to slip the shackles and cast one last Charm, and this time it works.

In the warehouse above, the others are making their way through several henchmen with slag rifles and cutlasses. Cawyn's summoned wolves spook the one-horse, nobles carriage and it careens out the doors into the yard. About the time that nobleman in question is trying to make his way out the back door, Harrick is coming in the back door.

     He takes the blast of the henchmen's pistol fire on his shield and mows them down, but finds the Syvani assassin to be a tougher nut to crack. The mysterious nobleman retreats while his bodyguards keep Harrick - who is feeling quite poisoned, busy.

     After escaping the dungeon cellar, Falco puts an end to his short friendship with the jailer. At about the time he's rushing to aid Harrick, and the others are coming at the nobleman and assassin from the other side. Seemingly cornered, the assassin pulls out another trick and dimension doors away with his charge.

     A quick ransack of the office reveals a hidden compartment with a signed contract for Falco's capture or death. The bounty was apparently offered by a member of house Durantin. They're nearly incinerated while investigating the carriage, when a fireball is hurled from the rooftop, utterly destroying the vehicle.

     With the alarm bells of the watch drawing close, the group decides it best to depart the scene before questions are asked. They split up and lie low, eventually returning to the ship by morning.

     Falco thanks the crew and reveals a bit of his past, telling them how he was the half-son of a destroyed Merchant house. He officially signs on as a junior officer of the Maven and they get their affairs in order, readying to leave Milum and it's dangers behind them as soon as possible.

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